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A university president just gave up a lot of his salary to raise his school’s minimum wage

In some pretty awesome and uplifting news, Kentucky State University’s interim president Raymond Burse has given up more than $90,000 of his nearly $350,000 salary to help raise university workers’ minimum wage to $10.25 an hour.

"This is not a publicity stunt"

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there’s a scene in guardians of the galaxy where lee pace is naked and his minion people are like cleaning and preparing him or whatever and four people stand around him and pour water on him at waist level, so one person just stood there and poured water on lee pace’s ass. someone was hired just for this and was paid specifically to dramatically pour water on lee pace’s naked ass

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My family’s expectations were very low, I think. None of us were from Hollywood and if I booked a Carl’s Jr. commercial they were like, “Holy Shit! That’s so cool.”
Chris Pratt, Prestige (2014)
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"Fuck You, Old People" — Group Piece at CUPSI 2014

"By the way, you can’t actually pick yourself up by your own bootstraps. That’s now how physics works."


this gives me life….

"Act your fucking age" god damn, this has a good message here.

39 seconds in and I reblogged it

Color me inspired.
Bravo, my beautiful peers.

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Let’s talk about men who send woman unsolicited pictures of their penis.  I don’t believe that any man does this and thinks to themselves, “wow, she’s going to see this picture of my amazing dick and totally want to have sex with me.”  

Men send woman unsolicited pictures of their penis because they get a wicked little thrill out of violating women.  It’s a form of non-consensual sexual aggression, and it’s fucked up.  

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Cat gets stuck in bed

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The Best Selfie In The World :33

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